A very special publication on the Old Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit. An in-depth study of how she was financed, how she was run on a shoe string. Why she was lost forever, the true story.
Also covering many inside details, data and stories never put to paper.
This will be the history book on the old Kyalami you will need to have.


There are a few Circuits in Southern Africa that were famous in their era. They made the world look south. 
There were a number of circuits that played an incredible part in the build-up, to motor sport as we know it today in South Africa. They still remain icons, in our wonderful books that have been written, but the icon that took the world by storm was the new circuit, named Kyalami. It was mid-1961 that entries opened for the 3rd Nine Hour Event, on a circuit never seen. As Grand Central had been dis abandoned, due to the deterioration of the circuit and the lease had been taken over by other parties.
It was this new Kyalami, with its long straight and twisting fast undulated outer circuit that caught the world’s attention. But, it was to wait until 1967, to host the first Official Formula One Grand Prix.
By this time, 6 International Nine Hour events had taken place on the circuit which was already on the way to fame.
By 1968, Kyalami was a household name, in every country and on every continent. She became an Icon. It was the place to race. By the mid 1970’s it had the honour, to gain the best place to race by the Formula One Drivers Association twice. (FOCA)
This book covers the inner workings, the peoples behind the scenes that afforded her the glory she deserved. Data and information known only to a few that knew how the circuit survived for her 25 year lifespan. The cost saving ways in which she was run and yet still was very popular locally and internationally.

1961 to 1988. Click to Enlarge

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Part 2 of the book covers the New Kyalami.

It was in no time, that due to the South African spirit, things were looking up again; a new circuit would be built on the lower half of the property, incorporating parts of the old circuit. With modern safety parameters, including the then new concept of elephant fencing, to protect spectators and Official’s. She now had the right kerbing, water runoff and drainage, a new pit which was in keeping with modern requirements. It was a magnificent change, but never gave the sparkle the old Kyalami had. 

In order to finance the part of the project and give a solid future income, entertainment boma’s were introduced. As much as we hated them, they drove the viability of the new Kyalami, but had harsh kickbacks which had the sad achievement of chasing all the spectators of the past away.

A comprehensive revelation of the financial matters and the disasters that followed; are covered in-depth once again, which very few people knew about.

The new circuit was sold, and the new owners revived a lot of interest, invested a lot of money, brought a few International events to the circuit, but it still seemed on a downward trend. Sold for the second time, to make matters worse, to a great consortium whom actually had no interest in motor racing so sold the management rights to third parties which eventually, for 8 years, saw the property deteriorate, no upkeep of note, and then a battle ensured in courts of law for many of those 8 years. Not to add that by then the name Kyalami had dropped below the levels never seen before. She became the laughing stock of the sport.

1990’s onward version. Click to Enlarge

But in its final stages of survival, and struggles to keep afloat, she has been, at last bought by a man with a heritage in the sport. A business man that knows his oats, a man with a mission. To revive, what remains of Kyalami, into some sort of resemblance that we understand, the name Kyalami really means to us. A man, to once again lead our heritage site into the future. 

This book is based on the first circuit, Kyalami 1961 to 1987. This book covers those first 25 years of the people and the inside stories that made Kyalami what she was, it covers data never shown before, the history of the Marshalling Association, accidents and incidents never published.
Photos, to die for. It includes many tales from folk in South Africa and around the world.
Part 2 will astound you even more, with inside stories and what actually drove the things we hated. Boma’s. It covers the intricate things that were unknown to all, the very gossip and things you ought to know.
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