CYTECH’s 1977 R100RS Café Racer Custom

Donovan Muller is the Mechanic, Restorer and Custom motorcycle builder at Cycle Technology or CYTECH, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. CYTECH was started by Donovan’s father, Raymond Muller, in 1975. Donovan started working on motorcycles 18 years ago when his schooling was completed. The company specializes in the restoration, customization and maintenance of BMW and adventure motorcycles as well as organized expeditions into Africa on motorcycles. The key when building for a client is the interpretation of what they want the end result to be, with the help of your advice along the way. The best reactions to the completed builds are speechlessness, tears, or frozen stares. And then you know: you Have built a great motorcycle. Donovan Muller: “Rob Frew (client/owner) had a visionfor a long time to build a pure BMW café racer.Many months of research and large amounts of tequila led in the direction of a 1,000 cc power plant, spoked rims, dual-disc front brake, and a rear drum brake from the 1970’s. We then discovered a 1977 R100RS which had been customized as a bobber. This was our starting point. The concept was to design and build a 70’s café racer with a Tequila Sunrise color scheme resembling a bike that may have come off the production line back then, not chopped, hacked or highly modified:
but more of a thoroughbred. Parts were sourced from the UK, Germany, USA, and South Africa. Rob and Donovan collaborated on the design and finally agreed on the result they wanted
to achieve. Donovan built the bike and the dream became a reality, looking better than imagined. And it rides like a winning thoroughbred stallion.

Bike Build Sheet 

Metzeler tires and tubes, polished original rims, stainless steel spokes and nipples, new wheel bearings, sandblasted hubs, original refurbished front brake discs, complete nut, bolt, and axle kit in stainless steel. Original front forks, sandblasted lower fork legs, polished ATE calipers, Wilbers progressive fork springs, stainless braided brake lines, custom fork brace with customized front fender. Wilbers adjustable rear shocks with original refurbished rear brake shoes. Powder-coated frame, swing arm, and sub frame, top and bottom yoke finished in gloss black, custom top

Clip-on handlebars with added bar-end handlebar mirrors and Magura grips. Custom headlight brackets, Motogadget speedometer, adjustable shock dampeners. Original ignition switch, headlamp with custom paintwork and custom-painted headlight glass. Removed speedometer ‘dimples’ controls and handlebar mounts. Original fuel tank with custom paintwork, German
fuel taps, Monza style tank cap, and enamel screw-in type tank badges. Sandblasted engine casing, custom top engine cover, polished front engine cover, polished barrels, heads, and valve covers, peanut-style tappet covers, extended deep dish engine sump, rebuilt engine completely, machined and lightened flywheel, rebuilt carburetors, manual choke knobs, K&N cone air filters. Rebuilt original gearbox and original final drive with drilled vent holes. Relocated rear footrest sets, custom side stand, custom seat and sub frame, original refurbished rear brake shoes. Shora under-seat battery with custom carry plate, bullet-style signal indicators and taillight. R90S exhaust fin nuts, stainless steel header pipes, trumpet upswept twin tailpipes.