Castrol started producing transmission fluids in 1906, and have been pioneering advancements in motor technology ever since. During this time many formulations have come and gone, so at Castrol they know what works with different engines. Choosing the right oil for Classic Cars and Motorcycles is essential for the engine to remain in peak running condition, and to ensure maximum protection against wear.

Why use Classic Oils?
Modern oils need to meet specific criteria regarding fuel emission, extended drain intervals and after-market exhaust treatment systems. Because of this they are generally thinner and/or fully synthetic, making them increasingly incompatible with older Heritage engines.

A classic car engine, however, can have the opposite characteristics with cork/graphite/rope seals, low-pressure gear-driven oil pumps, larger oil galleries and lower revving. Inadequate detergent can result in gums and lacquers clinging to hot engine components and blocking oil galleries. Too much detergent can cause a build-up of metallic ash in combustion chambers and piston crowns. In older engines with traditionally high oil consumption, this can cause detonation and pinking.

Owners of pre 1980 vehicles should be using the Castrol Classic oils as these products were  pecifically developed and made for these cars and motorcycles. The range of famous Castrol Classic Oils is 100% to the correct formulations and viscosities as originally recommended by the vehicle manufacturers, where appropriate. Castrol Classic has low detergent formulations to protect veteran, vintage and classic vehicles.