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  • It is our realization that in this day and age with consumers doing the majority of auto shopping online.   It is not a simple matter of walking into a showroom and selecting the vehicle one is looking for. These cars are often rare and hard to find, and even when they are found, they may not be in top condition. This is where the need for the services of Collectible Wheels comes in.
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Collectible Wheels requires classic, well documented, collectible Japanese and German cars.

What makes something collectible? Is it an item's technical or aesthetic value? Perhaps a current or perceived future monetary value? Or could it be a sentimental value? Whether you collect stamps, porcelain pigs or automobiles, it is because these things speak to you on some level, because you enjoy them and they reflect a piece of you. In the world of collecting cars, classic American and European marques have always been treasured for their power, beauty and special character. Yet, to this point, 80's and 90's Japanese and German cars have not enjoyed the same treatment-but as time passes, this will surely change.
We at Collectible Wheels are avidly on the Hunt for Classic Japanese and German Cars from the 80’s and 90’s.
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  • YAMAHA R1 (1998 - 2002) Red/White
  • YAMAHA BIG BANG (2010 - 2014) Matt Black
  • YAMAHA RZ50, Red/White
  • YAMAHA RD350 YPVS, Red/White
  • KAWASAKI ZX7RR (1996) Green/Purple
  • KAWASAKI ZX7R (2000 - 2002) Green/Purple

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