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More than 580+ slot cars including trucks & special editions, this is a complete collection of the first 10 years that Fly Produced slot cars.

All of the cars are absolutely brand new in perfect mint condition in their original boxes and have never been used or touched.

Fly offered a wide range of modern and classic sports, GT, and touring cars, each modeled as it appeared at a specific race. The cars were carefully researched and abound in authentic detail and on-track performance, built under license to the real car.

 All Fly Slot Cars that were produced are one – time production model cars, the quantities vary according to the subject. Therefore all Fly Slot Cars are considered as Limited Editions. Production was limited to a maximum of 3000 cars and could vary as low as 50 cars in certain circumstances.   


Porsche 917K- Sebring 1971 Damaged Bodywork Limited Edition Ref: Z01

Fly has built a replica of the damaged, taped body, post crash car. In the past, Action Products with their NASCAR die cast have been the only ones to take this "famous wrecked car" approach. However as many know, they produce high volume runs. This is a limited run the start of their "Chequered Flag" series of models.  

This model is completely faithful to the real car. Research of the 917K and the pictures available are identical to the model, down to the position of the duct tape. The detail is the best I have ever seen for a slot car. Compared to a "non-slot", which are of like-quality from the outside only. There is some cockpit detail and the engine parts that show are a well made one-piece mold.


1.18 Scale of the six wheeler Tyrell driven by Jody Schechter.

We have two cars for sale with a real connection to South African Motor Sport History.

These cars have become extremely sort after and have been out of production for several years now.

The P34 was introduced in September 1974, and began racing in the 1976 season. It proved successful, and led other teams to begin design of six-wheeled platforms of their own. No one had ever produced a car with 6 wheels before. The basis of David Gardner and Ken tyrell’s design was the idea that 4 smaller wheels instead of two larger wheels at the front would reduce lift and require less wing on the front and therefore increase straight line speed.

Autoart : Established in 1998, AUTOart now has the largest range of scale 1:18 models, with more than two thousand items developed to date.
Exoto : This is a very rare model of the iconic 6 wheeler Tyrell P34 that took the Formula 1 world by storm in the 1976 season with drivers Jodi Sheckter and Patrick Depailler.

R 14,000 - 00 (for both)

BMW Origional Owners Manual R69S R60 R50

R 250 - 00

(Made in Italy 1995)

Burago / Maisto  Ferrari 1/18 Scale Set

R 1,000 - 00

Alain Prost Canadian GP 1988

McLaren Honda MP4-4 (Alain Prost – 1988 ) in Red and White

(1:12 scale by MINICHAMPS : 530881211)

The McLaren MP4/4 was a highly successful Formula 1 car that competed in the 1988 Formula One season. It was designed by American engineer Steve Michols, with assistance from the team's Technical Director Gordon Murray. Nichols and Murray based the design on the flowline Brabham BT55, designed by Murray for the 1986 season when Murray was chief designer at Brabham. It is one of the most dominant Formula One cars ever built, winning all but one race and claiming all but one pole position in the 1988 season.
The model car is Brand New. The Perspex display cabinet is included in the Price.
This is a very rare and collectible model for all McLaren , Alain Prost or F1 Fans.

R 7,500 - 00

Ayrton Senna, 1988, Canada

McLaren Ayrton Senna Collection

  • Ayrton Senna Mini Helmet from 1994 (under licence Ayrton Senna Foundation.)
  • 1988 Commemorative Ayrton Senna Pin.
  • McLaren MP4/6 Honda (scale 1:43) Ayrton Senna 1991 World Champion Item: 94037 number 117 Tamiya.
  • McLaren Ford MP4/8 Ayrton Senna 1993 (scale 1: 18) Item number 540931808 MINICHAMPS.(supports the Ayrton Senna Institute) .The McLaren MP4/8 competed in the 1993 Formula 1 season. Ayrton Senna achieved 5 victories and the second place in the driver’s championship in this car.
  • McLaren Honda MP/6 Ayrton Senna 1991 (scale 1:18) Item number 540911801 MINICHAMPS. Ayrton Senna won his third and last Drivers' World Championship and McLaren-Honda won the Constructors' Championship.
  • Minichamps 1/12th scale Very Rare 1988 Mclaren Honda MP4/4 Item number 540911801.This stunning model and box are in perfect unmarked condition. This is the car that Ayrton Senna Won his very first F1 World Championship title in .This 1/12 Minichamps F1 Car is very sought after and rarely comes up for sale. Only 2000 were ever produced. The model car is Brand New. The Perspex display cabinet is included in the Price.

R 15,000 - 00

Onyx Racing Motocycles with Riders

These models are now highly coveted, especially as not that many model bikes are produced these days. Onyx is a diecast model manufacturer that produces race cars and motorcycles that started in 1998. They produce mostly 1:43 cars from BTCC, WTCC, Le Mans, Formula 1, FIA GT, Indy and more. They use official sponsor and livery for each car and motrcycle.
Models were originally fabricated in Portugal and were of great detail and sophistication. The company was eventually bought out by a Macua based Toy Company and changed names to Quatro .The older models such as the ones listed and especially the motorcycle have become some of the most sort after diecast models World Wide. In this collection there are two Limited number produced Yamaha GP bikes.  

R 2,000 - 00

IXO Yamaha YZFR 500 Racing Motorcycle Set 1 : 24

The set comprises of 3 x IXO Diecast 1:24 Yamaha Racing Models and 1 x Onyx Max Biaggi with rider 1:24 model. Model Motorcycles  are now highly coveted, especially as not that many manufacturers still produce model motorcycle these days.
Most of these parts, including the plastic parts, are hand painted to give to the models the most sophisticated finish.
The decoration techniques add to the bikes even more realistic elements, which we can claim to have the most advanced technology and expertise. Several techniques must be simultaneously used to guarantee an accurate decoration.

R 1,750 - 00