South African Festival of Motoring.


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The Inaugural South African of Motoring Festival kicked off this weekend at the Brand New World Class Kyalami facility. The festival was the second motoring event to be held at the Famous Circuit since its multimillion upgrade, after the AMID Motorcycle show held early this year. Like the AMID Show for the Motorcycle Industry it could be compared to any other event throughout the World.   
One of the show stopper vehicles on display and also available for on track demonstrations in the very capable hands of pro-racer Jens Klingmann was definitely the new BMW M6 GT3.The new M6 GT3 replaces the old Z4 GT3 in endurance racing series around the world. 
The Z4 GT3 had been in action since 2010 and used a naturally-aspirated 5, 0 litre V8 motor. The BMW M6 GT3 uses a 4, 4 litre V8 twin turbo motor generating up to 577HP with the whole car weighing less than 1300 kilograms. Regulations dictate that the GT3 makes only 577HP in its most powerful state. So its slightly down on power when compared to a road-going “Competition” package M6.But what the racer has lost in power, it’s made up in aero and weight loss. Another dynamic feature is the driving position of the new M6 in that the driver’s seat is towards the centre of the car and with the long wheel base make driving the car a unique experience.  

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Jens Klingman.

Jens Klingmann knows the BMW M6 GT3 inside out. He has completed the most testing laps out of all the BMW works drivers in the BMW M6 GT3.He also took part in the cars debut race earlier this year at the 24 Hours of Daytona race in January. Klingmann was also at home in the previous BMW Z4 GT3 where he has already competed in the Nurburgring 24 Hours many times.2014 was also the first time that he contested an entire season of the ADAC GT Masters in the BMW Z4 GT3.
Klingmann is a product of the Formula BMW talent factory and was named the “Rookie of the Year” in 2006.In 2007 he went onto winning nine races on the way to the title. In 2016 he is contesting the full series in North America for the Turner Motorsport Team.  

Unfortunately when I was wondering around the pit complex on a late Friday afternoon the car had been retired for the day and was been prepared for Saturdays festivities.
I have always been a V8 fan and now that they have added a Twin Turbo to the beast it must have sounded like a true fighting machine ready to do battle.

Written by: Ian Kilburn      information by: BMW motorsport