Volkswagon Bus Market Growing

By : Jonathan ( Gas Monkey Garage)

Mecum Denver delivered quite a treat in the form of a 1960 Volkswagen 23-window Samba bus. Not only did it end up being one of the most expensive cars sold at the auction, it helped to further solidify the VW bus as an icon.

Ever famous in modern culture from a representation of the ‘60s to dads across the U.S. pointing them out with an anecdote on road trips, the VW bus has remained popular through the years. However, popularity in the automotive world is not always synonymous with value… until now. Going for a cool $120,000 in Denver, this bus is a perfect example of their increasing value.

In fact, over the past three years the value of a 1960 concours level restoration 23-window samba has increased nearly from $70,000 to $154,000. And over $20,000 of that was in the first-quarter of 2017 alone. While concours lever cars aren’t always the most common, this VW model is showing growth across the board, according to Hagerty, especially in the first quarter of 2017, as well.

Hard to say for sure without seeing the Mecum Denver bus in person if it was a bargain at $120,000 or if on the high-end of the “excellent” condition market, but at either cost the market doesn’t seem to be slowing on the Volkswagen 23-window Samba bus.